Simple and flexible rates that adjust to your day.

Proud 10 year history

The pricing of our services is similar to that of a reputable and highly experienced professional photographer. Our couples normally have a similar budget for film as they do for professional photography, and see them of similar importance. Film offers a totally different experience in reliving a wedding day, and our couples understand that we come to a wedding with as much equipment and experience as their professional photographer.

We enthusiastically and expertly document a compelling visual story, looking for meaning behind every shot. We invest in equipment, training and continually improving our craft. Our team is with you every step of the way, from meeting up for a casual chat to share ideas, to planning the schedule of your day, making it flow smoothly and working with you to achieve the film you envisaged.

Captivate Films is known for producing cinematic films at a consistent and premium quality.

Please get in touch with our team in order to receive a fully detailed list of our flexible package options. Pricing starts at $2,599 and ranges to $6,000 depending on a wide range of services and options.

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